Agrasen Public School feels proud of its three well equipped, well lit and airy science labs, where students from 6 to 12 regularly perform various experiments. All the laboratories of APS are conducive to the devlopment of the scientific attiude in the students. Each of our labs is well stocked with apparatus,glassware and chemicals to facilitate first-hand leaning experience and supports individual project work of every student. 

The school has well equipped Laboratories for Physics,Chemistry and biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments.


Our Physics  equipment allows students to efficiently teach the principals of matter and its journey through space and time.Our Scientific instruments not only educate, but stimulate and fasinate students through the wonder of physics.


Our Biology products and equipment will fascinate and educate the students, covering all areas of the Biology provide a wide range of Lab supplies and scientific instruments.


School provide the best tools to successfully teach the Composition,structure,properties and Changes of matter. In order to teach atomic structure, chemical bonds ,chemical reactions or whatever it may be,we have all the successfully do so.